December 02, 2021 / Papanastasiou Pantelis

Problem Framing Workshop

We help our customers grow and manage the constant changes and challenges!

Problem Framing is a design thinking method used to understand, define and prioritize complex business problems. Regardless of the strategy that is planned to be created or what the desired results are, it helps both the companies and the entrepreneurs themselves to make better decisions, faster.

Applying modern methods and business tools, we carry out workshops in our space, in which with the participation and cooperation of entrepreneurs we contribute to a better understanding of issues concerning the company, themselves as its managers and the market in which they operate.The workshops we carry out help entrepreneurs to:
✔ Identify the problems of their business,
✔ Record and analyze the needs of the company,
✔ Understand the customer,
✔ Recognize the opportunities and how to take advantage of them.
✔ Examine the ways in which they can strengthen the brand of their business.

We conduct workshops based on collaboration and discussion, offering the opportunity to the entrepreneur to participate actively in identifying problems and finding solutions. The findings, ideas and information exchanged are presented documented and organized on a special canvas, so that there is a complete picture of the course and content of the workshop.