December 02, 2021 / Papanastasiou Pantelis

Presentation of Business Plan at Foteinakis IKE

In times of great uncertainty where every day there are constant changes, we plan our future committed to our values: specialization, consistency, professionalism. We always have in mind the effort for the best service of our customers.

The goal of the company is to fully meet the needs of its customers and to follow the pace of technological developments by constantly adding new innovative and reliable products. The study we conducted for the company "Fotinakis PC" 2020 is a typical example. It aimed to evaluate future investment over the next decade in order to strengthen the company both in terms of equipment and its production capacity. Prior to the study, a problem framing workshop took place in the company to understand, discuss and record the factors that affect the operation of the company.

Through this project, reliable advice and guidance was given to the company in question with a view to sustainable solutions and proposals for the development and improvement of processes.

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