February 20, 2023 / Papanastasiou Pantelis

What is the Tiresia System? What you need to know.

Teiresia System

What is the Tiresia System?

The Teiresias system is a database of merchant and consumer creditworthiness. As a company it was established in 1997, as a non-profit, and today it operates as a limited liability company. It was established by all (almost) the banks operating in our country. There is a separation between natural and legal persons where there have been insolvents as debtors.

📌In what cases is someone defined as an insolvent debtor?

  1. the issuance of a covered cheque
  2. the non-payment of a bill of exchange at its maturity
  3.  bankruptcy
  4. the non-payment of a loan, etc.

The Teiresias system is important to exist as it serves the good functioning of the banking system. It is difficult for banks to grant loans to people who will not repay them, since their details are entered into the system.For debtors, it could act as an incentive to avoid the "black list" and their good cooperation with the banks.

🎯Every person or company has the right to be informed if and what registrations exist in Teiresias in his/her name and to request the correction of any errors and inaccuracies.


The Teiresia system maintains a record of financial behavior data which includes data on defaults, mortgages-pre-notes (MPOs) and loans/cards (SSH) for businesses and individuals.

What is the data on defaults (SAW), Mortgages - Pre-Notes (SYP) and Loans/Card Grants (SSH)


  • Uncovered (stamped) checks
  • Unpaid (due) bills of exchange
  • Bankruptcy applications
  • Decisions rejecting bankruptcy applications due to insufficient assets of the debtor bankruptcy applications development
  •  Declared bankruptcies
  • Seizures
  • Complaints of card contracts etc.


  • Mortgages and mortgage notes


  • Up-to-date and overdue debts arising from all kinds of loans to individuals and businesses, as well as from credit cards or payment facilitation cards.

The Tiresias system also has a record of Lost/Stolen ID Cards and Passports. There is a System of Terminated Business Contracts (SKSE), which registers companies whose contracts for accepting cards as a means of payment have been terminated.

📌To find out what information Teiresias can keep about you, you can fill out an application and submit it in person to the Public Service Office.

In order to improve "your image" regarding the file in the Teiresia system, you can provide TEIRESIAS SA with the appropriate supporting documents, so that the data concerning you can be completed or deleted. As well as settling your financial obligations on time


source: http://www.tiresias.gr/faq.html