January 25, 2023 / Papanastasiou Pantelis

New pre-employment programs for 10,000 unemployed young people aged 18-30

The aim of the program is the preparation of ten thousand (10,000) registered unemployed persons in the registers of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, aged 18-30, with at least compulsory education, in a working environment in the public or private sector with a view to their inclusion in the market work.


📌The program is aimed at:

a) private companies, in Social and Solidarity Economy Agencies                      b) businesses, agencies, public organizations and businesses of first and second degree local government that regularly carry out economic activity, hereinafter "providers" that operate in the areas of all Regions of the Country.



The providers, depending on the staff they employ, are included in the above program as follows:


  • Providers with a staff of 0-3 people can join for a maximum of one (1) beneficiary.

  • Providers with a staff of 4-9 people can join for a maximum of two (2) beneficiaries

  • Providers with a staff of 10-19 people can join for a maximum of three (3) beneficiaries.
  • Providers with a staff of 20-30 people can join for a maximum of five (5) beneficiaries.

  • Providers with a staff of 31-50 people can join for a maximum of eight (8) beneficiaries.
  • Providers of more than 50 people can join for a maximum number of beneficiaries corresponding to 20% of the total employed staff at the time of application, and up to 20 beneficiaries.


A necessary condition for the inclusion of a company/provider in the program is that it has not reduced its staff during the quarter before the date of submission of the electronic expression of interest application on the D.Y.P.A.'s electronic platform. (daily). 


🎯 Program duration

The duration of the program is set at seven (7) months and involves placement in pre-work positions. The D.Y.P.A. will pay beneficiaries a monthly compensation equal to the statutory minimum net salary (with full insurance contributions), as well as a proportion of holiday gifts and holiday allowance.


📌Application process - Check conditions


  1. Businesses/providers submit to the Information System of the D.Y.P.A. (e-services) a single electronic application - vacancy order - responsible declaration, which is posted on the website of the Public Employment Service (PSE)
  2. The process of submitting the electronic application for affiliation is carried out by the interested parties, either through the TAXISnet codes, or by using the access codes to the D.Y.P.A
  3. In an online application for expressions of interest, businesses/providers describe the specialty and educational level of the unemployed/beneficiaries to whom they wish to provide pre-employment. The online application is addressed to the KPA2 in the area of ​​competence of which the business/provider belongs and the beneficiary is to be pre-employed .