January 31, 2023 / Papanastasiou Pantelis

Housing Policy for young people aged 25-39

Program 1: My Home Program

The "My Home" program has a budget of 1.775 billion euros and falls under the law 5006/2022 regarding the housing policy for young people with the purpose of purchasing a first home. It is estimated that approximately 137,000 beneficiaries will benefit. 

📌The program refers to people aged 25-39 years. Beneficiaries of interest-free or low-interest loans are people with a low income (annual income of at least 10,000 euros) and it is subsidized by DYPA.


Program schedule:
At the beginning of February, banks will be invited to participate in the program.
In the middle of the same month, the program application guide is expected to be published.
In March, the beneficiaries will start submitting their applications for approval by the banks.

🎯About the loan:

  • The amount of the loan cannot exceed one hundred and fifty thousand (150,000) euros.
  • The duration of the loan cannot exceed thirty (30) years.
  • The loan cannot cover more than ninety percent (90%) of the value of the property being acquired, as stated in the purchase contract. The remaining price is covered by the buyer's own resources.
  • The loan is seventy-five percent (75%) financed by the Public Employment Service (PSES). For the percentage of the loan financed by the D.YPA. no interest is due.
  • The remaining loan is granted by a credit institution that operates legally in Greece. If the borrower is or becomes, after the conclusion of the loan, three children or many children, the amount of interest is covered by the D.YPA.

📌Priority for granting a loan:

  1. the many children families 
  2. the young couples with children
  3. while couples without children will follow
  4. the free ones.

The purchase of existing homes worth up to 200,000 euros is subsidized.



🎯About the building itself:

  • The purchase of the property cannot be made by a first or second degree relative of the buyer or by a spouse or person related to the buyer by a cohabitation agreement.
  • The area of ​​the building is limited to 150 sq.m. and at least 15 years old.
  • The property is acquired in full ownership by the buyer or buyers, if they are spouses or partners in a cohabitation agreement, with a distribution of the percentage of ownership between them in proportion to the financial contribution of each of them to the granted loan.


Program 2 : Coverage Program

The "Coverage" program refers to the residences that participated in the "Estia" program for hosting asylum seekers in urban apartments. It falls under the law 5006/2022 concerning the housing policy for young people.


📌Beneficiaries of the program are people aged 25-39 and beneficiaries of the Minimum Guaranteed Income.


Program schedule:
In order to continue the cooperation of the municipalities and the organizations that functioned as partners in the "Estia" program, a first consultation has begun.
Expression of interest in participation in the program by the owners of the properties that participated in the "Estia" program (the details of those who respond positively are entered).

✔ In February, owners and potential beneficiaries will be able to declare either (the former) the availability of the property or (the latter) the application to participate in the digital platform that will be developed

🎯The goal of the program is to utilize at least 1,000 properties, in the first phase and to start its implementation in March.


Program 3 : Action "Renovate - Rent"


The action refers to the owners of closed houses with an annual income of up to 40,000 euros and real estate up to 300,000 euros.

The purpose is the inclusion of empty houses in the rental market by subsidizing the owners for their upgrading.

The property must have an area of ​​up to 100 sq.m. and be located in an urban area.


🎯The program provides a subsidy of 40% of the cost of repair and renovation up to 10,000 euros with the basic condition of renting the property for at least three years.

The property must not have been declared as a first residence, must not have been declared as rented and must be declared as vacant on the E2 form accompanying the income tax return of the last three (3) years.

Beneficiaries must not have received a subsidy for an energy saving or renovation program in their property in the last five (5) years and must not have joined subsidized energy saving programs for any of their properties.



Program 4 : Social Compensation


Social Compensation will be the action through which private individuals undertake to build residential buildings in exchange for their exploitation for a certain period of time. They will have a parallel obligation to rent out a part of them at affordable prices.

📌The social compensation contract can also concern structured properties. In this case, the scope of the contract includes the demolition of the buildings, which is done at the contractor's expense.