November 26, 2021 / Papanastasiou Pantelis

Internal Audit Services in Public Sector

Audit in the public sector is the key to good public governance and that is why it is vital to maintain the right resources for the right period of time with an appropriate broad mandate to achieve the governance goals of the organization. Therefore, the necessity of operation of Internal Control Systems and Activities in the Local Government has been created.

In this way:
✔ The interests of the state, the local authorities, as well as the rest of the directly interested (citizens, suppliers, environment) are protected,
✔ Ensures the smooth economic, efficient and effective operation of all services of the Municipality in accordance with the procedures that have been defined and updated through the implementation of internal audits.
✔ Promotes transparency, legitimacy and the elimination of possible corruption.
✔ Municipalities are freed from images and practices of the past that created the image of bad administration,
✔ Ensures the accuracy & reliability of the information & data reflected in the accounts, books, forms & statements of the Services of the Municipality,
✔ Potential weaknesses are identified, preventing the occurrence of events (risks) that lurk in the whole range of activities of the Municipality with a negative impact on the achievement of its objectives, addressing potential problems before they develop into crises,
✔ There is the possibility of taking advantage of opportunities related to achieving their goals.

The above will be achieved by:
checks on existing or proposed procedures,
the definition of organizational or control risks,
review of applied or control risks and with
the review of contracts, contracts, etc. to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

The mandate of the public sector audit activity should be broad enough to cover the full range of the entity's activities. Therefore Internal Audit must be able to add value to any part of the organization, so that there is the potential for independent, objective assurance.

Ultimately, public sector control strengthens public governance by providing accountability and protecting the core values ​​of the public sector entity, ensuring that managers and employees conduct public affairs with transparency, fairness and honesty, as well as with equality and integrity.